Boise Fire Fighters Local 149 Offer Wildland Fires Safety Tips

Summer days are heating up and the chances of wildfires are increasing with daily temperatures. Wildfires can start in both wilderness areas and brushy land near structures and homes in our community. Studies of past fires show that homes that are defended by their residents are much more likely to be saved if threatened by wildfire.* Boise Fire Fighters Local 149 offer these safety tips for protecting your home from potential wildland fires.

Homes generally ignite in one of two ways, either by airborne embers or from flame heating. By maintaining your home and property, you can reduce the chances of damage or loss. The landscaping around a home can bring the fire to a home if plants are too close to structures. Maintaining a “fuel-free” perimeter around your home’s structures and using building materials that are fire-resistant will help reduce the possibility of being burned or damaged. Follow these additional tips to help reduce wildfire danger.


  • Limit the amount of flammable vegetation around your home and keep remaining plants well watered
  • Maintain landscaping by mowing the lawn, pruning trees and shrubs and removing debris, leaves and brush from the ground, gutters and around porches and decks
  • Keep a 3-5 foot fuel-free perimeter around your house
  • Use plants in your landscaping that are fire-resistive
  • Use roofing materials and exterior building materials that are rated for fire-resistance

If a wildland fire is approaching your home

  • Call 911 for help and close all doors, windows, blinds/window coverings
  • Get out a hose and buckets filled with water as well as a rake; wet down your roof
  • Turn off residential fuel
  • Dress in preparation of evacuation; close toed shoes, long sleeves and long pants, hat and cover for nose and mouth
  • Have your car ready for evacuation, parked and pointed in the direction of escape

These tips for safe-proofing your home and family from potential danger and damage caused by wildfires are provided by Boise Fire Fighters Local 149 and FEMA.

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