Burnout Fund

Food, clothing, coats, shoes and a place to sleep are immediate
needs of fire victims. The Burn Out Fund provides short term
assistance to families whose homes are destroyed by fire.

Scott Pruett is the new Chairman of the Burnout Fund, Scott will be the primary contact for Burnout Fund assistance and correspondence.  The Burnout Fund will provide financial assistance on scene, as well as having 24hr access to hotel rooms for 1 night at no cost and food vouchers. The Burnout Fund member will generally stay until the last fire engine leaves. They will help the displaced occupant with understanding the “next steps” in the recovery process of dealing with the fire recovery and be there to answer questions and provide support.

In 2013, the Boise Burnout Fund assisted 44 families and individuals with lodging, food vouchers and financial assistance, a total of $14,000

The Burnout Fund participated in numerous fundraising events sponsored by community businesses where all proceeds went to victims.

Options For Contacting The Burnout Fund

  1. IC requests a burnout fund representative through dispatch, dispatch will contact BOF rep, BOF rep will respond to dispatch and command with an ETA.
  2. Scott Pruett’s cell phone directly 859-7116.
  3. Red Cross may also be reached 24 hrs at 1-800-853-2570. How many affected, victim’s names and cell phone numbers will be required at time of call. The Red Cross will have a representative on scene within 2 hours. The Burnout Fund representative can handle contacting and communicating with Red Cross.

If you would like to make a donation to the Burn Out Fund, please send checks to:

Boise Fire Department
Scott Pruett, Burn Out Fund
333 N. Mark Stall Place
Boise, ID 83704