Boise Fire is #1 in Raising Funds to Fight Leukemia & Lymphoma

Boise, March 11, 2013 – Congratulations to all the members of the Boise Fire Department Scott Stairclimb Team 2013! The team raised nearly $39,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s, more than any other team taking part in the event.

What is the Scott Stairclimb: The annual event takes place in one of the largest buildings in the country, the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle. Team members raise money so they can suit up in 50 pounds of full fire gear and SCBA and run up 69 flights of stairs.

Firefighters say they welcome the challenge to fight blood cancers and assist those battling the disease. All proceeds benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Fundraising Results: Boise Firefighter Rich Brown was once again the top money raiser on the team, collecting $12,651 in donations. Geoffrey Challey raised more than $3,400, and Ryan Yates topped $2,000 in donations. All other team members raised between several hundred to more than $1,000.

And kudos to the Nampa Fire Department who came in 8th in team donations raising more than $21,000.

We would love for you to support our department. Tax deductible donations to help in the fight against blood cancers are still being taken here »

Thank you for your support! Remember, every dollar counts when someone’s life depends on it!


Tom Compton $627.70
Richard Brown $12,651.87
Nicholas Butler $1,167.87
Justin Cagle $374.83
Geoffrey Chally $3,440.22
Rob Christensen $916.67
Brandon Frederick $1,211.84
Don Gifford $710.86
James Greenwood $1,022.70
Mike Hanson $565.35
Chris Hendershot $686.00
Tom Lovell $769.83
Matthew Lutz $1,578.35
Joe Miller $500.00
Roy Mitchell $661.32
Dane Oldham $840.18
Shane Quarles $501.49
Kyle Rajsich $1,171.21
William Ream $314.83
Noel Rios $1,021.03
Dray Thompson $1,192.87
Chad Tiffany $191.32
Rob townsend $1,000.18
Jeff Westendorf $1,264.86
Justin Wright $856.67
Ryan Yates $2,028.87
Jake Zebell $882.52
Team Gifts $1,070.35

Climb Results: Out of 177 teams, Boise Fire came in third overall!

Dray Thompson was the fastest member of the Boise Fire Team, completing the 1,311 stair climb in 12:53. Thompson’s time was the tenth best overall out of more than 1400 firefighters.

Boise Fire had six finish in the top 100 with the following times:
10th – Dray Thompson 12:53
20th – Kyle Rajsich 13:24
41st – Matthew Lutz 14:23
59th – Tom Compton 14:50
62nd – Ryan Yates 14:51
69th- Rob Townsend 15:03

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to all team members on a job well done.


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